If you haven’t heard yet, we’re giving away TONS of prizes in our Celebrate 21 Years of Photofocus contest through next fall! Each month we’ll give away prizes, all leading up to the Grand Prize, to be given away in October 2020.

This month, we’ve teamed up with Lume Cube for a great package, including the new Lume Cube 2.0 LED lights and Panel LED system. You can elevate your lighting game quickly and easily with these adjustable lights, perfect for any camera setup!

Lume Cube 2.0 webinar hosted by Photofocus and featuring Kevin Ames and Lume Cube's Riley Stricklin

The Lume Cube 2.0 lights are perfect for any content creators that need to tackle any lighting challenge without being bogged down by bulky equipment. The Photofocus team has loved using Lume Cubes for interesting lighting effects on drones, still life product photography … even lighting a TV scene! Click here to see several of the different ways you can get started with it.

The Lume Cube Panel is the company’s first bi-color LED light, made for videographers and photographers that need to move quickly and have their lighting adapt to any situation.

The Panel not only allows you to adjust color temperature and brightness on the back LCD screen, but also gives you immediate feedback on battery life at each brightness setting. It also doubles as a power bank, providing power to your phone, camera or any USB chargeable device!

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