A few months ago, I discovered an amazing action to edit my sports shots in Photoshop. Everytime I use it, I get great feedback from my followers and athletes. Let me show you how you can, in one simple click, turn out a good picture into a massive impact work of art.

What is a Photoshop action?

An action, simply put, is a series of modifications that are recorded to obtain a precise result over and over again. An action can be as simple as a single saturation layer but can also be a very complex algorithm with hundreds of interrelated layers. We can easily record actions by ourselves but we can also buy a “magic recipes” already prepared just for us.

How do I get it?

I bought this action at GraphicRiver: it’s called “Fracture” and you can have a look at all the different possibilities right here. Although it might seem somehow confusing at first, the author “sevenstyles” got you covered with very clear videos tutorials.

But if I use a purchased action, isn’t that cheating?

You know what? I was actually asking myself that question. I was like “Does my work has less value because I am using something this super easy technique?” I felt like the value of my work was directly related to the time I spent working on it. This seemed so easy and fast, I thought it was cheating. I also thought I could somehow lose my personal style because so many people could use that very same action! I shared this concern with a friend of mine – which is also a photographer – and his answer has been eye opening. I was dead WRONG.

Own your action!

Even if you decide to use this tool, this isn’t taking anything away from you hard work. You first have to get a good picture. This picture is unique. It is yours. No one else can duplicate it. Then, once you play the action, you can tweak EVERYTHING. The colors, the opacity, the intensity in every layer. The action also provides dozens of brushes that you can use to your good will. I have so much fun playing with all the different styles and looking at my picture coming to life!

And best for last…

Print it. This looks FABULOUS. It is so intense, so eye-catching, it’s amazing! Your clients will go C.R.A.Z.Y. I’ve got three prints ready at home for an upcoming exhibition and I can’t wait to bring them at the office! Give it a try, have fun and tell me how you made it work for your shots!