With the New Year officially starting Wednesday, we wanted to bring you some of our favorite products released in the past year. What are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

Lume Cube 2.0

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Lume Cube 2.0 webinar hosted by Photofocus and featuring Kevin Ames and Lume Cube's Riley Stricklin

Lume Cubes have become a favorite lighting accessory for several Photofocus authors, and it’s easy to see why. These small LED lights pack quite the punch, and are perfect for lighting video interviews, still life photographs and more.

Excire Search Pro 2

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Just recently released, Excire Search Pro 2 brings intelligent search to Lightroom Classic. Version 2 of the plugin adds a unique “Search for People” feature, more relevant keywords, better analyzing of faces and more.

MagMod MagBox

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First announced in mid-2018, the MagBox is a 24-inch octabox made by MagMod, the makers of several lighting accessories that involve — you guessed it — magnets. The MagBox is the first magnetic softbox made and is the first to feature to diffusers and an integrated gel system. Best yet? The MagBox is compatible with virtually any type of lights, thanks to its MagShoe accessory and various speedring adapters.

Apple Mac Pro

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Apple’s previous-generation Mac Pro was becoming a bit long in the tooth. When the new Mac Pro was finally unveiled in summer 2019, professional creatives finally were able to sing from the rooftops, knowing the machine would stand the test of time.

Insta360 Go

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This incredibly small camera is wearable and produces great immersive video for behind the scenes. If you need to capture your workflow for blogging or a YouTube channel, its amazing. Plus the camera can download 4K footage right to your phone and the app uses AI to quickly cut together videos. This little camera is perfect for documenting your life or adventures and can be easily worn or mounted for many creative angles.

Luminar 4

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Skylum focused heavily on its flagship Luminar software throughout 2019, releasing the new Luminar 4 to the public in the fall. This update includes a reworked interface and several machine-learning technologies, including the world’s first automated sky replacement tool.

Profoto B10 Plus

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The battery-powered B10 Plus is perfect for the photographer looking for a compact, yet full power off-camera flash system. The 250Ws light has a 10-stop variable power range and recycle times as quick as 0.05 seconds. With TTL technology, the light takes advantage of your camera’s flash auto-exposure system, shortening the setup time.

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III

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Olympus came out with two new cameras in 2019 — the flagship E-M1X (in February) and the E-M5 Mark III (in November). The E-M5 Mark III is the perfect choice for both enthusiasts and traveling professionals. Packing several pro-like features like Pro Capture, Live Composite and a fast frame rate, the E-M5 Mark III offers a small camera body that was lightweight, but still had state-of-the-art weather sealing and an improved grip.

CamRanger 2

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Think of the CamRanger2 as the ultimate tethering solution. Not only can you transfer images wirelessly, you can control your camera from a computer phone or tablet. And when say control I mean it’s like a whole new operating system. Advanced HDR, time-lapse, focus stacking, as well as full control over video and camera settings. This tech is game-chining and opens up all sorts of new shooting styles.

Fuji X-T3

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Fuji’s versatile X-T3 mirrorless APS-C camera has proved to be popular since its release. Featuring a brand-new image sensor and processor, the camera features a back-illuminated design, a 2.16m-point phase-detection autofocus system and up to 30fps shooting with the electronic shutter.

Luxli Viola 2 5″ On-Camera RGBAW LED Light

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The updated Viola 2 joins the Luxli orchestra of RGBAW LED lights for stills and video. The Viola 2 now has all of the special effects that came with the 10” Cello and the 1’ by 1’ Timpani that includes all of the Lee gel colors, lightning, police visibar, explosions and more.

Canon EOS RP

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The new EOS R technology from Canon is fantastic. Canon shooters get the benefits or mirrorless but don’t need to abandon their existing lenses. The burst rate and autofocus abilities of this camera are very appealing. The new EOS R native lenses are also a great addition and take full advantage of the platforms benefits.

WANDRD Camera Cubes

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WANDRD refreshed its Camera Cubes in the fall of 2019, featuring better protection and padding, as well as more customization options. Perfect for its PRVKE backpacks, the Camera Cubes hold everything from small prime lenses to hefty telephotos safely and securely.

Sony Alpha a7R IV

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The latest upgrade to the Sony a7 lineup packs a huge 61MP full-frame sensor, 567-point phase-detect autofocus system, 10fps shooting, UHD 4K30 video and more. With a much-needed improved grip, the full-frame mirrorless camera is quite the upgrade for Sony shooters.

Lead photo by Danil Aksenov on Unsplash