According to the fashionistas, the colors in style for 2021 are the following:

  1. Flame Scarlet
  2. Saffron
  3. Classic Blue
  4. Biscay Green
  5. Chive
  6. Faded Denim
  7. Orange Peel
  8. Mosaic Blue
  9. Sunlight
  10. Coral Pink
  11. Cinnamon Stick
  12. Grape Compote

How does all this relate to photography, particularly still life? It’s a good question. My guess is for Flame Scarlet, Saffron, Orange Peel, Sunlight and Classic Blue to shine above the rest. Those look great on the color wheel, fresh and summery. 

When it comes to home decor, apparently the money is on grey and bright yellow. I’m pretty happy with that, I have actually just painted my office in light grey and my living room is currently yellow, so that means it’s back in style.

How does this compare to last year, or the year before? It’s not all that much different, as it turns out. Looking back at an article I wrote in July 2019, back then it was mostly blue and cream, with some yellow thrown in too. But honestly, when it comes to color, I say go with what works best for you.