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Planning is part of being tediously meticulous.

Are you tediously meticulous?

I was having lunch with one of my favorite models the other day. I asked her what it was like working with other photographers. She explained how they are very

Be honest and upfront on your work

If you don’t know how to shoot something, don’t do it and expect to be paid. Be honest and upfront.  Okay, there’s more to it of course. If you want

The history of photography Civil War Photographs Brady and Gardner

Lasting Impacts of the Daguerreotype

Lasting Impacts of the Daguerreotype In the past few articles of this series, we’ve seen how the daguerreotype came about but we haven’t really taken a moment to look at

Instagram Grids– Hot or Not?

Grids. Banners. Cubes. Whatever you call them. More and more companies and individuals have been jumping onto this trend since the Summer of 2015. The owners of these instagram accounts segment

Lovesome Photography

Handling Difficult Family Members on Wedding Day

Let’s be real. Weddings can be beyond challenging. There are enough things to worry about as a photographer (timelines always running behind, crummy lighting conditions, weather issues, creativity blocks) without

Every Photographer Has a Place

One of the most common posts I see in photography forums and groups are those upset about the prices other photographers are charging. While this may be a bit of

Stop Obsessing over Stats and SEO!

Great you finally have your website up and going. You have set up stat counter and google analytics. A few weeks later you check your stats and you don’t have

Don’t Let Anger Ruin Your Photography 

Through the years Ive taught a lot of photographers. Ive witnessed their struggles to stay relevant and competitive. Ive also seen a lot of bad things happen to creative professionals.

Megapixels: Does Size Matter?

Back in 2009, when I made my living photographing stock imagery, the size of the images we could license made a difference in our potential for sales. Photos were sold

Professional Photography Rant

OK. This is my first and as far as I am concerned, only rant. The genesis for this rant began in 1888 with the introduction by George Eastman of a

Should Photographers Keep Locations Secret?

Photographers love to create beautiful, interesting, and unique photographs. We carry several pounds of gear on our backs through forests and mountains to find beautiful and sought-after scenes. When we

The Era of The Entitled Photographer

I am a very lucky guy. I grew up in a household with parents who immigrated from Russia with absolutely nothing to their names and who worked so hard chasing

Five Myths about “Real” Photographers

Are you a “real” photographer? Of course you are! If you love photography, regardless of your level of experience, then you fit the bill. However we have all seen, heard,

The Real Student Struggle

I’m a formal student of photography and probably will be a life-long student of it, and I’m faced with constant struggles in class. Although fighting through the completion of degree