_JM12353In the latest podcast with Terry White, he gave some great principles of advice when editing and defining your style. Key points that stuck out to me could be sound advice I suggest we all listen to.

– In portraits and our skin retouching processes, we should always be able to see pores. (In other words, don’t blur the skin so you can’t see the skin textures)

– You know you’ve defined your style when where your work looks consistent. Not necessarily the same, but consistent. Make your portfolio consistent so people can recognize your work without a watermark.

– Less is More. What separates an amateur photographer and a professional photographer is the “less is more” concept. Don’t show everyone every shot you took, show them the most powerful. (This can also be attributed to your post processing or even your style of shooting)

Hear more from Terry starting around 23:00.

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To see more of Terry’s work, check out his