Imaging Brands, the parent company of Tether Tools, has announced that it has relaunched the previously acquired Frio brand. With an initial focus on mounting gear for speedlights or other light sources with a shoe, the Frio product line offers an easy solution for photographers who require light in tight, constrained spaces that would otherwise be difficult to accomplish.

In addition, the Frio product line maintains a small footprint for lighting setups and offers efficiency when a photographer assistant is not available. Frio provides a simple, practical and secure solution to photographers and videographers who always want an option to create the best lighting possible. 

The original Frio cold shoe, now being offered as the Frio Hold, will continue to be a mainstay in the line. The Frio Hold accommodates both 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 equipment and is also engineered with quick lock and release technology. 

“The original Frio cold shoe was a popular product among photographers because of its clever design features. With the expanded Frio line, we built upon those same ideas to create mounting gear with unmatched versatility, durability and portability for our customers,” said Josh Simons, Imaging Brands Founder.

Aside from the Frio Hold, the newest line of products includes the Frio Arch, Frio Stand, Frio Cling, Frio Grasp Mini, Frio Grasp Bigi and Frio Reach Kit — all providing the ultimate in versatility and portability for hard-to-light spaces. These Frio lighting setups have been created to tackle unique challenges that have been identified by customers and professionals alike.  

“Imaging Brands is committed to finding gaps in the market which solve pain points that make imagemakers’ lives easier,” said Matt Hensler, VP of Marketing at Imaging Brands. “We saw an opportunity in Frio to address needs for off-camera lighting in a unique way. The reintroduction of Frio captures the playfulness of the original brand in a way that connects back to the versatility and usefulness of the products.”  

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