This morning, Lume Cube announced the AIR Modification Frame, an accessory allowing users to attach diffusers, gels, grids, snoots and more to the Lume Cube Air. Previously, silicone diffusers were made available for the Lume Cube Air, but no other modifiers were compatible.

The AIR Modification Frame is a magnetic diffusion/modification system for the Lume Cube Air. With the mounting system, you can easily attach Lume Cube modification accessories, which are held magnetically. It utilizes pressure fit technology to allow you to easily add or remove accessories without having to remove your Lume Cube Air from your tripod, camera or other mount.

The AIR Modification Frame is compatible with all existing Lume Cube diffusers, gels and modifiers. It’s available today for $15. Several kits are also available, including the AIR Modification Master Pack, which includes all gels and diffusers, for $95. A Portable Lighting Kit Plus+ is also available for $185.

For regular Lume Cubes, the Lume Cube Modification Frame is also available for $15.