Lensbaby has announced the launch of its new Color Expansion Pack for the OMNI Creative Filter System, which was launched in June 2019.

The OMNI System is an elegant solution to shooting through handheld objects like crystals, engineered to make distinct and compelling in-camera effects. With the Color Expansion Pack, photographers can organically introduce color and mood into imagery.

The pack includes two multi-color crystals, two sets of multi-color films, one set of color gels and a diffraction film that creates crisscross rainbows. The pack is the second expansion pack for the OMNI System, which more to be launched in 2020.

“Color is a key element to establishing mood. These multi-color crystals, films and gels allow you to inject a vast range of different tones to dramatically or subtly change the mood in your scene,” said Craig Strong, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder. “Color Expansion Pack tools let you paint in a wide range of colors and reflections, channeling the look of expired film, light leaks and more.”

Photo by Rachel Shomsky

The Color Expansion Pack includes the following Effect Wands and Filters in a custom-designed pouch:

  • A Crystal Multicolor Teardrop and Crescent wand
  • Set of five smooth-surface Lumi Films in a range of colors and hues
  • Set of four textured Lumi Films which create flare effects
  • Set of five Color Gels
  • Crisscross rainbow film
  • Two Effect Wand handles to hold the gels and films

The Color Expansion Pack is available for pre-order beginning today, and will be available for demonstration at PhotoPlus. It retails for $59.95, while the OMNI System retails for $99.95, and the Crystal Expansion Pack retails for $49.95. To learn more, visit lensbaby.com.

Lead photo by Chris Korsak