One of the best three days of learning in a live setting, NAB Show’s Post|Production World Online by Future Media Conferences is happening May 17-19, 2020.

Online, interactive, live three-day event

Post|Production World Online is the foremost training conference for content creators, TV, film and video editors, producers, directors, motion graphics specialists, in short — professionals involved in production and post-production of broadcast or online programs. This year, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and Future Media Conferences (FMC) are teaming up to bring Post|Production World as a live, interactive, online training event.

Live learning in your space

Post|Production World 2020 is leaving Las Vegas and headed to your home. Where ever you happen to be, you’ll get the best training in video editing, lighting and directing, to mention just a few. Best of all, it happens at your own pace!

How Post Production World Online works

Post|Production World Online comes to you live via Zoom’s desktop sharing directly in your web browser. Before the event begins, you’ll get a link that gives you access to the day’s sessions. Attend the sessions for that day by following their provided links. During the session, you will see your instructor and their screen. You’ll see them working in real-time. Each session includes question and answer time using a chat box. You can interact with your instructor and the event staff, too!

There are tons of speakers to learn from, including Luisa Winters, Francis Torres, Nick Harauz, Jeff Greenberg, Frederick Van Johnson, Abba Shapiro, Amy DeLouise, Rod Harlan and more.

Streaming access

Attendees will have access to recordings of all the events for 120 days after the event is completed. I loved attending Post|Production World in Las Vegas, but there were always sessions that I wanted to see while in another class at the same time. Now, we can see it all.

Internet access

All you need to attend Post|Production World Online live is your computer and a reliable internet connection. Moderators and technicians will be there online to help with any tech problems. If you happen to become disconnected, simply reboot and use the URL to get back into your session. Since every class is being recorded for streaming you and revisit something you missed.

All you have to do is register — get started today! Save $10 with the coupon code THINKTAP10.

Kick-off party & online happy hour Saturday, May 16

Before settling down for class on Sunday morning, spend Saturday night meeting the FMC staff and the speakers. It’s also a great time to check your connection. The first raffle drawing of Post|Production World Online happens during the party. Don’t miss it!

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