This morning, Elinchrom introduced the Elinchrom ONE, a portable, battery-powered monolight. Featuring a low profile of 3.3 pounds, and similar in size to a 70-200mm lens, the Elinchrom ONE is geared toward photographers who need to take the light anywhere they go.

The Elinchrom ONE utilizes an internal Li-ion battery for maximum portability and enhanced protection from the elements while on-location, and also offers the ability to charge from any USB-C source. The flash is capable of producing 725 full-power flashes from a single charge.

Engineered for peak efficiency, the Elinchrom ONE utilizes its 131 Ws of capacity to generate a light output usually seen in 200+ Ws units. At 3.3 feet and ISO 100, the ONE can achieve f/11.9, with the Diffusion Dome attached, and when combined with the HP Reflector, the achievable F-Stop climbs to f/45.2.

Engineered to use the newly developed Elinchrom OCF modifier mount, the Elinchrom ONE is also natively compatible with most Profoto® OCF light shapers, greatly expanding your selection of available light shaping tools. The included Elinchrom OCF to Bayonet Adapter enables quick mounting to speedrings and reflectors using the traditional Elinchrom Bayonet.

The Elinchrom ONE will be available in late August 2021, with a one-light kit available for $899.99.