All is now well with DroboPIx! The app that was released on July 19th automatically downloads iPhone and iPad photos to Drobo network connected devices–the five bay 5N or the 8bay B810n. Briefly, the problem was that screenshots made by pressing the home and power buttons together appeared to be corrupt. As you can see these screenshot I made from the just released September 2016 issue of Vanity Fair, DroboPix is working properly. With the release of DroboPix 1.0.19, the issue is resolved. If your iPhone or iPad has auto update turned on the App Store will automatically apply the fix. Learn more about DroboPix and download the updated version here.

DroboPix Fix by Kevin Ames-002

Fixing “corrupt” files

The problem is in the file extension. The original version of DroboPix appended “.jpg” to every file. Screenshots are .pngs. Instructions for fixing “corrupted” files are here.