I recently posted a tutorial about installing and using the wonderful new free DroboPix app for Drobo N devices. You might have noticed JPG files that won’t draw a preview in Bridge.

DroboPix Corrupt by Kevin Ames-001a


DroboPix Corrupt by Kevin Ames-002

The “bug”

Double click on one of the files will open it correctly in the default Mac program Preview. If you have changed the double click to use Photoshop in the Get Info box, the file will open with this message.

The files are not corrupt. They have been improperly named during import. These are screenshots I made with my iPad. Screenshots from both iPhone and iPad are .PNG files not .JPGs. The DroboPix uploader is simply not naming screenshots with the .png file extension. The DroboPix app team is aware of this bug and a fix is forthcoming shortly.

The workaround

This is super simple to fix. If you are using Bridge, simply highlight the .jpg extension and rename it .png. A dialog box appears explaining that changing the extension might render the file unable to be opened. Click “Don’t show again.” Right click on the renamed file then choose Purge Cache for Selection.

DroboPix Corrupt by Kevin Ames-003

The preview will refresh and the photographs revealed. Problem solved! These screenshots are from Vogue Magazine’s February 2016 digital edition. I often make screenshots for classes I teach and for inspiration.

DroboPix Corrupt by Kevin Ames-004

Summing up

Any new technology is apt to have a bug or two when it’s released. I found this one while writing a tutorial. I contacted Drobo with the issue. They got back to me the next day confirming what I had discovered. They indicated their team is on it. As I said a fix is forthcoming. After all, it does take a while to clear changes to an app through Apple. In the meantime, the workaround above fixes the issue.