In an email to subscribers this morning, CreativeLive announced that it has been created by Fiverr, a global marketplace for buying and selling digital services.

As a part of the acquisition, CreativeLive promised that the site will continue to operate as a standalone company, and that the day-to-day user experience will not change. “Most importantly, this acquisition will super-charge our ability to support your learning and deliver more value as we expand our offerings, increase productivity velocity, and embrace even bigger ambitions,” wrote Chase Jarvis, CEO of CreativeLive.

“Imagine a future where Fiverr’s acquisition of CreativeLive enables anyone learning with CreativeLive to unlock economic opportunity through freelance work on Fiverr’s platform. Or conversely, how anyone buying or selling services on Fiverr could benefit from learning new skills on CreativeLive. We believe that this virtuous cycle is the future of work, and our goal is to take a global leadership role in this future,” Jarvis continued.

According to the company’s FAQ page, CreativeLive will continue to expand course offerings, accelerate class production velocity and continue to improve the product experience, under Fiverr’s ownership.