We’ve just released a new iBook about Costa Rica and photography — “A Journey Through Costa Rica: A Photographic Exploration of a Country Rich in Natural Beauty.”  Until March 15, 2017 we’re giving away the book for free.  In it Rich Harrington shares his images from a two-week trip as well as a bit of history from the country.

The book is released on the iBooks platform which works with iPad, iPhone, and Mac OS.

To get the book for free click here.

All Our Books are On-Sale

How’d you like more than 1,000 pages of photo education and inspiration for less than $6?
Our eBooks are on sale for just 99¢ each in the United States. We’ve asked iTunes to price equivalently around the globe.

Available for iBooks

The sale runs until March 16, 2017. The collection contains text, photos, video, audio, and interactive content.

NOTE: These books require the App iBooks to view. This currently runs on an iPad. The iBooks currently require an iPad, iPad mini, or a Mac.

Also for Available for PC, Droid, and Kindle