For the month of May we asked you to share your stay safe at home images with us. What can you create from where you are? It can be taken in your own backyard, out your window or something you create using what you have in your house.

Photographer: Ikonphotographygh
Photo: Spend time with your kids

Bryt says on his post: “Some things this lockdown has thought me these few days. To spend time with my kids because sooner or later they will grow and leave and I’m also beginning to understand my boy more, aside from the constant yelling “STOP IT” which never seems to work, I enjoy seeing them learn new things each day.” A great reminder to take away the positives from this time in our lives.

Parental perspective is what I would have titled this. Perspective of the times, of our families and also from a photographic perspective as this is how parents likely see their children most of the time, from above. Excellent photo of everyday life.

Thank you for sharing with our group.

Originally shared via Instagram with the hashtag #athomephotofocus. You can also submit via the Photofocus website and with the Photofocus Readers Flickr Group.