Now that we’re on the last leg of the Pride Month, we’re sure many of you are already wrapping up your projects for the occasion as well. You may even be planning to squeeze one more photoshoot before the month closes.

Whichever the case, you may also still be on the lookout for ideas and inspiration. In case you missed them, we invite you to take a look at the articles we’ve dedicated to celebrating LGBTQ+ pride through photography.

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The rise of gender-affirming boudoir (NSFW)

Boudoir photography has been typically associated with celebrating femininity. But that is now changing as the world continues to progress into inclusivity and diversity.

Elliot Page, a transgender non-binary boudoir photographer, talks about how other photographers in the craft can better understand and create gender-affirming spaces in their work. Trans people also deserve to lean into their gender expressions and identity with freedom and confidence. Boudoir photographers can help make that happen by creating safe spaces that are welcoming of all bodies.

Scenes from the front lines of the 1970s gay rights movement

While many recognize him as a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan, not many know that Jerry Pritikin documented the front lines of the gay rights movement of San Francisco in the 1970s. A Chicago Magazine video feature looks back at some of the photos he took back then, along with his insights on the importance of building such a body of work.

Creating authentic visual identity for LGBTQ projects

Pride Month is also the perfect occasion to revisit some of the most impressive projects that brought a creative voice to the LGBTQ+ movement. A great example is the portrait series by New York director and photographer Geoff Levy for the 2016 NewFest LGBT Film Festival. The simple yet striking style matched the minimalist concept for the Ogilvy & Mather campaign, with the signature rainbow colors of the gay rights movement as its central element.

Depicting LGBTQ intimacy for “Kiss with Pride”

Another project worth the Pride Month throwback is a 2017 ad campaign for Absolut, which beautifully depicted the kiss as a symbol of LGBTQ+ pride. A simple gesture as it is, kiss presents a thought-provoking complexity in the minimal perspective applied in the photography. Apart from sending a message about equality in love and intimacy, it also raised awareness on homosexuality being still illegal in 72 countries.

Lessons learned when the state of Utah changed it mind (and changed it again)

It’s always inspiring and eye-opening to learn our fellow photographers’ insights on the most pressing (and even controversial) issues they were able to document.

In her opinion piece, Pamela Ann Berry recalls one of the most important events she was able to point her camera to as an LGBTQ+ rights advocate. Understanding the power of photography to preserve memories, she set to work taking photos of same-sex couples getting married in Utah. Many of them only had photos of their special day because she was there.