Nostalgia is a major creative driver and source of inspiration for many photographers, especially today. As travel restrictions due to the pandemic continue, many of us are compelled to look back at some of our most memorable and scenic travels. I’m sure that some of you will feel this even more strongly after seeing works like this beautiful tribute to California.

Coping with missing California

In his aptly-titled “California Dreamin'” series, Paris-based travel photographer Ludwig Favre revisits some of his favorite California snaps from the past 10 years. The collection includes some of the sights and scenes best known about the state: sunny days, dreamy suburbs and glorious beaches.

“Today, I miss California!” Favre exclaimed on his series description. Looking at his picks, and it’s easy to see and feel how much he does. Browsing through his photos feels like walking down memory lane, revisiting some of the sights and spots that have made his visits particularly noteworthy.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s a great example of how photographers can cope with missing the places they’ve been to, for now. You can either put together your favorite snaps through the years, like Favre has done here. Or, you can do a re-edit of your best snaps to give it a new feel or to reflect your nostalgia for times past.

Pastel colors to heighten nostalgia

This series is particularly noteworthy and eye-catching for me for Favre’s choice to edit his photos with pastel hues. Aside from suiting the summery, palm-lined suburb scenes of California, the soft and muted colors also gave the entire series a more nostalgic feel. Some of the photos even have the same vibe as those retro travel postcards that say “Wish You Were Here!” But these days, maybe “Wish We Were There” would be more fitting, don’t you think?

This mellow yet colorful visual style is actually a big part of Favre’s work. If you want to see more of California in nostalgic pastel, make sure to also check out his “Water Games,” “Santa Cruz Amusement Park” and “Once Upon a Time in California” series.

If you like this series, make sure to also check out Ludwig Favre’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of his dreamy photography.

All photos by Ludwig Favre. Used with Creative Commons permission.