Looking to create great memories on your next road trip? Here are some valuable tips for documenting your van life journey!

two male friends
Friendship is a big part of travelling! Taken with my Sony a9 + 28mm f/2.

Your van life’s story

For my friend Luc — shown in this article — is all about nature, friendship, mountain climbing and his endearing cat, Sherekhan. I wanted to make sure these elements were reflected as I documented his vacations.

What about YOUR van life? What does it mean to you? Is it about kids? Food? Breathtaking sunsets? Being alone in the middle of the desert? Whatever it is, photograph it to create memories that will last a lifetime (or end up on the wall of your living room!).

cat rooftop van
The adventurous Sherekhan found his way to the top of his master’s van! Taken with my Sony a9 + 28mm f/2.

Documenting with a wide-angle lens

Wide angles are usually lighter and smaller. That not only makes them perfect for light traveling but also capturing the moment inside as well as outside the van! I’ve used my 28mm f/2 but anything on the wider side (a prime, a zoom or even a 18-55mm kit lens) will work wonders.

Owner’s tour

How is it to live in your van? Where do you sleep? How do you cook? These are the little things that makes the journey magical, so don’t forget them!

Man cooking in van
Luc — the van owner — cooking himself a delicious breakfast. Taken with my Sony a9 + 55mm f/1.8.

Editing on-the-go

Even if you’re not a big post-processing fan or in a hurry, editing can be super easy and efficient. It took me around two minutes per photo using mostly AI based tools from LuminarAI. If you haven’t tried the new Portrait BokehAI feature, you’re missing out on something big. It’s great to add more depth of field, especially when using wide-angle lenses.

Cat dashboard van travel
Sherekhan the trusty co-pilot! Taken with my Sony a9 + 28mm f/2.

Making memories of your journey

Summer and vacations goes by so fast! Grab your camera and make sure to immortalize every second of it. Documenting your van life journey through images will definitely bring you some sunshine during the winter! ;)