Category: Outdoors

Photographer: Peter Weckesser “Morning Light”

Sometimes I need to spend time looking at photos of wide open spaces. I feel that these types of photos have the power to transport the minds eye out into the world and just take it all in. There’s not any action to see, no amazing sunset, no cute animals, just clear blue sky, a distant horizon, and lots of room to roam. Peter Weckesser, our Photographer of the Day, thoughtfully composed the image with a strong foreground element, leading lines of the clouds and water’s edge to lead the eye deep into the background before circling back to the fore. All the while the cool blue of the sky contrasts nicely against the warm tones of the grass. This type of photo is good for the blood pressure, and a good reminder to get outside. Thanks for sharing with our group!

Originally shared on the Photofocus Group on Flickr here.

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