meMircea Bunea won the December Drobo Featured photo contest and we are thrilled to introduce you to more of his creativity behind the camera.

Born in 1962, and still living, in Timisoara, Romania, Mircea is a lover of all things photography and as you can see from his profile, music. He graduated in electrotechnical engineering, but never got around to practicing it. Instead, he spent his time touring as a studio musician and working with top bands and artists. After gravitating towards graphic design and computers, he soon found a profound interest in photography and began his artistic journey.

Mircea picked up his first camera, a Canon EOS 650 and a few years later switched to digital. But he didn’t stop there. He soon started a graphic design studio which included various services and once he felt confident enough, he later added photography.

Well, at 53 I keep playing the guitar, doing graphic design and photographing. I guess I’m fortunate enough to be able to do what I like so much!

To see more of Mirceas work, check out his 500px profile here.