While he specializes in photographing the major cities and landscapes of America, Paris-based Ludwig Favre is also never short of architectural photography that showcases the details of his city. Among these is his “Orchestral Architecture” series, which features all the glorious details of the La Seine Musicale. If you’re a fan of beautifully designed spaces and intricately crafted details, I’m sure you’ll be delighted to browse through this series.

A showcase of gorgeous design details

“Orchestral Architecture” is pretty much a showcase of all the gorgeous details of the La Seine Musicale, a music and performing arts center that sits on Île Seguin, an island on the Seine River. The concert and performance space, designed by Shigeru Band and Jean de Gastines, was part of an initiative to transform the island into a new cultural hub.

Such an important venue needs to be beautifully and expertly designed to embody its cultural and architectural significance. In this series, Favre shows us how the architects were able to achieve this through a carefully crafted mix of minimalist and intricate elements. I love how he walks us around the entire concert space for a closer look at all the shapes and textures of this beautiful space.

A study of interiors in architectural photography

Those who are new to architectural photography may have an impression that the genre is all about capturing exterior views of buildings and structures. However, as projects like Favre’s “Orchestral Architecture” demonstrates, it also involves documenting the mood, story and design of a building’s interiors.

I find this series to be an effective study of the interiors of La Seine Musicale, as it beautifully captures the very essence of the space as a modern cultural center in Paris. Favre utilized those wide angles very well to give us sweeping views of the space and create an impression of how spacious it is. But he also made sure to capture as much of the textures and details that encapsulate the entire room.

With the combination of the two perspectives, viewers get to understand how much effort and expertise went into conceptualizing, designing and executing this splendid space.

If you’re interested in this genre and you’re mostly shooting exterior views, I hope this body of work inspired you to explore showcasing the beauty of architectural interiors as well. Make great use of your wide-angle lens and add variety to your work!

Want to see more impressive architectural photography like this? Make sure to visit Ludwig Favre’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of his work.

All photos by Ludwig Favre. Used with Creative Commons permission.