Let’s face it: One of the things that many aspiring photographers find intimidating is photography gear. Given all the choices available and how expensive they can be, it can be overwhelming to pick the “right” one. This is the case despite all the “budget options” and “best cameras for beginners” articles out there.

A quick solution to this is to pick a “budget” gear so you can get started right away. In the video above, Ohio-based photographer Matt Day tells us why he thinks it’s a good idea to get budget photography gear. He also shares his own experiences working with used gear, not only cameras but other useful equipment as well. Some may think that used gear only applies to vintage cameras, but it can also apply to digital cameras and lenses that were released only a few years back.

“If you’re starting out or you’re on a budget, don’t feel like you absolutely have to have the best thing ever,” he noted. With the rate that photography technology progresses, today’s new cameras may be “outdated” sooner than you think. So, don’t go for photography gear that has all the bells and whistles straight away. You’ll be surprised at how even cheap, used gear is often enough to get you started!

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