Photographers who have heard news about the newly released Laowa Argus 35mm f/0.95 must be wondering what they can do with this ultra fast lens. Portrait and night photography are among the first that come to mind. But if if you’ve ever thought about how it performs for astrophotography, the quick video above has some answers.

Nico Carver of Nebula Photos shares his insights on doing astrophotography with this intriguing f/0.95 lens. He covers both photos and videos, with suggestions on what kinds of shots you can make with this bright aperture. Of course, there are some trade-offs that come with a lens that fast. So, he also briefly talked about some of these cons and how they can affect your astro photos. As with many things in photography, pixel peepers may particularly find it unpleasant.

In any case, the extra brightness should come in handy for some night sky photography and Milky Way photography. Since it’s also wide angle, Carver noted that you can fit in a lot of the celestial bodies in your frame, such as full constellations and even the Andromeda Galaxy.

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