Sometimes, I find it easier to fall into the trap of feeling uninspired than to get out of it. When that happens, I often turn to different sources of photography inspiration.

Among my recent finds is a a fascinating dive into the dreamlike, often unsettling work that is perhaps unknown to most of us today. So, if you’re a bit like me and you’re especially drawn to surreal photography, I highly recommend watching today’s featured video.

Titled “In Dreams,” the video above by the folks of The Cinema Cartography first introduced us to the hypnotic works of several photographers. “The universe of a photograph is a universe of a brief moment, a split second frozen within the continuum of time and space,” they began. These photographers, however, didn’t stop at capturing waking life; they ventured deep into the world of dreams.

The video also placed the spotlight on three of the most notable of these photographers: Arthur Tress, Francesca Woodman and Ogawa Yasuhiro. Their works are certainly among the most distinct forms of self-expression and visual storytelling in the history of photography. Bizarre and disquieting as they are, I’m sure many of you will agree that they open our eyes to the many creative possibilities we can photography.

Do you have a favorite photographer whose surreal photography deserves to be on this list? Tell us about them the comments below, or in our group discussions if you’re already part of the Photofocus Community!