Many see street photography simply as records of daily life with a dash of something interesting in them. It’s not an exact art, so photographers can get as creative and even experimental as they want in delivering their message or story. Feeling stuck with your own street photos and could use some ideas or inspiration? We have just the video for you today.

In his latest video, Sean Tucker introduced us to fellow London street photographer Josh Edgoose, who is known for his colorful snaps of lighthearted and candid scenes. On his philosophy and approach to street photography, Edgoose settled on finding interesting scenes to work a picture around. It eventually evolved into showing humor in daily street scenes. He also said that while he’s after capturing something funny, he doesn’t take photos that make fun of somebody.

Incorporating humor in street photography can be a bit more challenging than the usual approach that we see. Telling a story in photos is one thing. Making your audience smile or even chuckle at a street photo is another. Hopefully, the ideas, concepts and process that Edgoose talked about inspired you to try out this approach for your street photos!

What’s your storytelling style for street photos? Share it with us in the comments below, or in our group discussion if you’re already part of the Photofocus Community!