Thinking of getting some new photography gear to kickstart your creativity this year? Before you pick up a new camera, lens or accessory, consider investing in some learning resources instead. Photo books are always great choices for this purpose, as they are inspiring as much as they are educational.

In the video above, Faizal Westcott shared two photo books that new and current collectors may want to add to their shelves. Those who are into street photography may find these two volumes particularly interesting. The publisher, Eyeshot, is an independent publisher that works exclusively with street and documentary photography since 2017.

Of course, apart from sharing a preview of both volumes, Westcott also reminds us of the importance of photo books in the age of social media. Social media apps definitely make it easy for us to discover new photographers and their amazing work. However, physical materials like these books just offer a different viewing and learning experience compared to browsing through screens. As such, they make great investments for every photographer, wherever they are in their creative journey.

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