If you’re a fan of retro-styled digital cameras, the new Nikon Z fc must have captured your attention. This is especially the case if you also shoot with Nikon film cameras on the side and love their classic design. But, is it the next mirrorless camera to add to your gear lineup? Or, is it a good choice if you’re still looking for a mirrorless camera to try?

In the video above, we have UK-based photography nerd Kai Wong giving us a first look at Nikon’s latest DX (APS-C) release. While it’s essentially a Nikon Z50 dressed up in a vintage look, you may want to take note of some specific details before you grab it. Here’s where his first look may be worth the watch.

On an interesting note, Wong noted that the Nikon Z fc is how he imagined the full-frame Nikon df from 2013 should look like. He also said it feels like the Nikon FM2 or FM3 in a digital body. He definitely got right since the company did say that the FM2 was the inspiration behind it. So, if you’re looking for a vintage-inspired mirrorless camera that can serve as a digital double to your Nikon film SLR, this could be it!

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