No matter the kind of photography you want to do, it’s important to have a good understanding of how white balance works. Apart from getting the whites accurately, it will also make sure that you get the colors right.

New to this concept? Mark Wallace walks us through the basics in the quick Adorama video above. First, he explains what color temperature is and its relationship with white balance. Then, he demonstrates the difference between auto white balance, custom white balance and custom color temperature.

Next, he shows us how to set and tweak it in camera and in post-production. For even more accurate results, he also covers how pro photographers use a calibrated white card for a custom white balance setting. This is particularly useful when the colors must be absolutely accurate, like portraits or food photography.

Once you get the hang of these, you’ll be able to make the colors warmer or cooler to match the mood or look that you want. Likewise, you’ll be able to avoid wonky skin tones and color shifts.

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