A lot of photographers I meet always tell me that a photo is not really finished yet until it’s printed out. Now, you may or may not share that belief, but I’m sure that every photographer out there has at least thought about printing their work. Whether it’s for jazzing up a blank space in the house, or showcasing your best work in the studio or workspace, it’s big prints that are most likely to make a big impression.

But, how big exactly can you get when printing photos? Do your shots need to be whopping in megapixels or shot with a special camera? UK-based landscape photographer Adam Karnacz of First Man Photography answers questions like these in the video above for those who want to know the best practices about printing their work. He also discusses the maximum size that can be printed out of photos shot using various camera formats, including iPhone, APS-C sensor cameras and medium format cameras. He also talks about the role of viewing distance and detail requirements when deciding how big you can print your photo.

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