Still in need of bright ideas for a last-minute fashion shoot for the holidays? Maybe you want to try something different or experiment with a different mood. Be bold and go for gold with today’s tips for luxury-themed holiday fashion portraits!

In the Adorama video above, Lindsay Adler shares her tips and creative lighting techniques for a luxurious holiday fashion portraits. Her idea to do a gold on gold shoot still fits the holiday color scheme. Meanwhile, the glamorous theme is a unique and creative take on the occasion. As she also noted, it’s great for holiday cards and social media posts, whether you want to do it for a brand or your own photography studio.

Apart from the glamorous gold styling, make-up and props, lighting is the crucial element that completes the golden glow of this theme. Her choice to use a Profoto D2 silver beauty dish and grid is a bit unusual. But it’s what creates the extra contrast that make the sparkly details of the scene pop.

Next, Adler also introduced a two more tricks that you can do with the lighting. The metallic gold background reflects some of the light from the beauty dish. But to make the glow and separation more prominent, she also added a second Profoto D2 constant light pointed directly behind the subject.

To get even more creative, she added yet another constant lighting in front. When Paired with the shutter drag technique, she was able to get some streaks of light to add more texture to her shots.

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