If you’re into editorial photography, I’m sure you’re constantly looking for themes and ideas for your next projects. Coming up with a concept and planning a shoot around it can be intimidating, especially if you’re a beginner. This is where some editorial photo shoot inspiration can come in handy!

In their latest video, Rachel and Daniel of Mango Street shared their beautiful editorial photo shoot set in a cool 1950s diner. In their introduction, they mentioned that it was supposed to be a venue for a music video shoot, but it was cancelled due to Covid-19. Still, it was great that they were able to rent it again for a fun, retro-themed editorial shoot before they moved out of Los Angeles.

We can see from the behind the scenes that while it’s a fun and casual shoot, Rachel and Daniel paid careful attention to detail to really capture the diner vibe. I think the waitress outfit, complete with roller skates, was an especially nice touch! Overall, their shoot effectively shows us why diners remain popular locations for portrait projects and editorial photo shoots!

Hopefully, this shoot will be able to give you some ideas for a themed or editorial project, diner-themed or otherwise. Make sure to also check out the Mango Street blog to see the rest of the photos from the shoot!

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