Out of ideas for your next portrait photography project? You can always try setting up a themed shoot in your backyard. I’m always a fan of photographers who are resourceful and creative when setting up their themed photoshoots. Among them is Calgary, Canada-based Irene Rudnyk, who often uses a lot of interesting props and beautiful wardrobe for her projects. I’m sure her recent session will inspire you to do some dreamy conceptual portraits as well!

In the video above, she shares what went down in her recent inflatable pool photoshoot, which she set up perfectly in her backyard. One of the nifty tricks she shared is using watercolors to create the illusion of depth in her snaps. The styling of her set and models is on point as always, as we can see in the conceptual portraits she ended up with!

Admittedly, photoshoots like this are extra challenging for both the photographer and model. There’s a lot of preparations and moving stuff around involved. If it’s a cold day, you have to shoot really quick as well. But, with the tips Rudnyk shared here, you may be able to come up with some ideas for your own inflatable pool shoot as well.

Have you done any fun conceptual portraits recently? It would be great if you can share your experience and photos with us over at the Photofocus Community!