Registration of drones-unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs is now the law of the land starting today, Monday December 21, 2015. The process couldn’t be simpler. Go to


If you are flying a micro-drone (they usually cost less than $100.00) that weighs less than half a pound, no registration is needed. If it weighs between .55 and 55 pounds you must register. Click Register My Drone to get started. The whole process takes about five minutes. You will enter your email then create a password. Once that’s done the FAA emails an activation link. Go ahead and check your inbox immediately. The email arrives almost instantly. Click the link to complete the registration. The first step is to fill in your profile–your name, address and optional phone number. Next, the safety guidelines display. There’s a checkbox where you affirm that you agree to follow the rules. Check it, then click next.


The next screen takes your payment info. Registration costs $5.00. If you register in the first thirty days, the five bucks is credited back to your card. There is a review page then you get the confirmation which includes the UAS certificate number for all of the drones you own. The number has to be visible in large enough type to read without magnification. The number does not have to be on the outside of the drone. It can be put n the inside of the battery door for instance.

The website allows you to print the UAS certificate number, a certificate is sent in the mail and of course it’s available on your FAA account. There is a very complete FAQ section on the site. The FAA is serious about this registration. If you fly a drone, get the registration done. Unlike most things the government requires, this is painless. Best of all if you do it now, it’s free.