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Mobile Mondays: Tips for mouthwatering food photography
Mobile Mondays: Using the ToolWiz app to be creative with your phone photography
Mobile Mondays: Shooting and editing in Lightroom on my phone
Mobile Mondays: Using the Hypocam app for black and whites
Is Adobe tone-deaf or an ally to artists?
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Mobile Mondays: Portraits in isolation
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A look at Adobe Capture’s latest updates for photographers
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Is Adobe Tone-Deaf or an Ally to Artists?

Is Adobe tone-deaf or an ally to artists?

With the release of Photoshop Camera, Adobe flexes some serious tech for consumers but at the expense of working artists. The smartphone camera completely transformed how the world communicates. For the first time, regular people can shoot, capture and share

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Mobile Mondays: Portraits in isolation

The world is a little strange, yes? Even though I have been pottering in my own garden, in my home studio, working with still life, flowers, food and such … I really do miss my portrait sessions, and so do

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A year of learning about off-camera flash

When 2021 first dawned, an online photography community I’m a part of, Offbeat Photography, gave us a theme: The year of personal growth. We were tasked with setting a specific goal and working on that goal throughout the year. I

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Every Photographer Should Invest in this. - youtube

Photo books to add to your collection this year

Thinking of getting some new photography gear to kickstart your creativity this year? Before you pick up a new camera, lens or accessory, consider investing in some learning resources instead. Photo books are always great choices for this purpose, as

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Adobe Stock reveals creative trends for 2022

Every year about this time Adobe puts out its creative trends for the year. Here’s their 2022 trend list. They take a look at consumer insights, research trending visuals, socio-economic developments and worldwide narratives to forecast these creative trends. Visual, design

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