Blogging can be an important part of any photographer’s business. It’s a marketing tool that, if updated regularly with relevant content, can make you more professional in your craft.

But it’s not for everyone, nor is it required to be a successful photographer. If you do choose to have a blog though, there’s a few key points to make sure you follow.

1. Post Regularly

Not only should you blog on a regular basis, you should be doing so on a regular schedule. Once you grow an audience, you don’t want to wait a month to post something new, especially if you’ve been posting every few days in the past. Start as you want to finish. Come up with a schedule and stick to it.

2. Make Sure You’re Sharing — And Giving Ways to Share

This might seem like common sense, but no one’s going to read your blog if you don’t get the word out! Share your posts on all of your social media platforms, and to groups that you think might benefit from reading what you have to write.

When you share, don’t just post the link. Give a 1-2 sentence introduction that will be a good lead to draw in perspective readers.

Additionally, your blog posts should have easy, clickable buttons so your readers can share them to their audience, too!

3. Cater it to Your Client Audience

If you want to strum up new business, make sure your blog articles are catered to perspective clients. Show off some of your latest work, or give tips on how to get ready for portrait sessions. Don’t get all technical in your articles, and keep them free-flowing.

4. Show Your Work!

A blog is a perfect opportunity to not only show your latest professional work, but also some of your personal work. If you’ve recently gone out on a photowalk, post those photos to your blog.

Showing personal work will show that you not only enjoy photography from a business standpoint, but you love getting out there and showcasing some creativity around your community as well.

5. Make Sure to Include Text

Yes, you’re a photographer. But in order to get some search engine goodness out of your blog posts, you have to at least include some text. It doesn’t have to be a 500-word essay; think about a paragraph to sum up the photos you’re posting.

6. Give a Call to Action

It’s important that at the bottom of every post, you give an easy way for readers to find out more about your services, or to contact you. This shouldn’t just read “Contact Me,” however. Think of a creative way to draw them in. For instance, “Send me an e-mail to get your Hollywood headshots today!” would be much more engaging.

But Do I Really Need to Blog?

The short answer is no. With social media being as popular as it is today, many photographers choose to “blog” through these mediums. The idea is the same — you share your work and get the word out about your services.

However, having a blog gives you one more platform that can help you with your marketing. But don’t just blog to blog. Have a reason behind it, and be consistent with what you choose to write about.


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