The first of every month is something I’ve become accustomed to … My phone alert going off at 10 a.m. saying “Business Finances.”

This alert serves as a reminder for me to open my bank accounts online dedicated to my LLC (business) and download all the activity from the previous month.

This act takes about 2-5 minutes depending on if my daughter lets me focus or not.

Next, I open QuickBooks Online and go to the banking section. I then import the downloaded files into QuickBooks.

From there I match the right categories to everything and approve the transactions.


QuickBooks Online has a great feature which allows you to provide access (for free) to your accountant. Doing so means he or she can access your business finances anytime, and get your taxes in order.

Business routines are important because it gets you into a ritual to do things which are essential, like finances, tax, backups and more.

What type of routines do you have for your business?