Thanks for all the great questions you’ve been sending in to the Photofocus podcast.  This week Rich Harrington and Scott Bourne tackle some great topics to help photographers. Remember, you can post those questions by sending us a note here at Photofocus. Get the show here  or get it on iTunes — Don’t forget to post a review on iTunes.   […]

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This upcoming podcast, Richard and I will sit down to go over several reader’s questions. Anything regarding gear, business questions, recent photography news, lighting and more. If there’s something you want explained, post your question in the comments below. We will take a handful of questions and mention your name in the podcast. Follow Pamela […]

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Now’s your chance, we’re getting ready to record several Question & Answer podcasts.  Ask whatever photography question you always wanted to know.  What burning question do you need an answer to?  What technical or artistic issue has you stumped? Just post a comment to this blog post and we’ll try to cover it on an upcoming […]

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While many have heard of (or even tried) HDR, chances are we’re not making the most of the process – in fact we’re likely overdoing it.  To help you learn more, we’ve lined up a top expert for an interactive discussion and webinar. To learn more about how Google Hangouts work, click here. Mastering HDR & Photomatix […]

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You gotta join us live for our next Google+ Hangout, totally free of charge. Not only will you learn terrific techniques, but if you tune in live, you can be entered to win a Creative Cloud subscription from Adobe. (Note: MUST BE TUNED IN LIVE TO WIN). We kick of Saturday 2/28, 11:00am Eastern, 8:00am Pacific. RSVP here and it’ll […]

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A few months ago, I was in a hangout with Matt Kloskowski and Richard Harrington discussing some of the new features of onOne’s Perfect Photo Suite 9 (click here to watch the replay). During the live broadcast, we had quite a few questions rolling in from the viewers, but we didn’t have the time to […]

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Photofocus Episode #10 is now in the feed. If for some reason it doesn’t show up in your copy of iTunes, please refresh your feeds.

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Photofocus Episode 10

Host: Scott Bourne ( or

Show notes by Bruce Clarke ( or

Welcome to Episode Number 10 of Photofocus with Scott Bourne and Rick Sammon. The show devoted to your photography questions about anything photography related including gear, technique, locations, etc. Your questions will shape the direction of this show so be sure to send your questions to [email protected]. You can also send your questions via Twitter to either Scott or Rick. Use the hashtag #photoqa to make sure that we can find them. We will try to answer as many as we can but we get a lot of questions so we’ll try to take a collection of questions that represent a particular topic and present them together. Continue reading