Videos slideshows are a powerful way to show pictures, and I think Instagram offers a unique opportunity. The thing is, my clients love to watch a slideshow of themselves, but few other people are willing to watch a long slideshow these days. Instagram has a 15 seconds limit on slideshows, though, and that’s just about […]

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You gotta join us live for our next Google+ Hangout, totally free of charge. Not only will you learn terrific techniques, but if you tune in live, you can be entered to win excellent prizes to help you in your work. (Note: MUST BE TUNED IN LIVE TO WIN). We kick of Thursday 5/27, 4:00pm Eastern, 3:00pm Central, 2:00pm Mountain, and […]

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Lumix GH4, Olympus 75mm f/1.8 lens, f/1.8, 1/40s, ISO 3200.

I don’t use neck straps, and I generally advise everyone against them. I think they’re a poor design and dangerous to your body–with as much shooting as I do, carrying a camera was damaging my neck. You may have read my review of the Joby wrist strap when I said it’s the only strap I’ll […]

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The trouble with photographing eyeglasses is that they’re made of glass, which is generally pretty reflective and reflections of my flashes may obscure the eyes behind the glass, and if we can’t see a person’s eyes we might as well not make a picture. I was pretty intimidated by this when I was a new […]

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Levi_Sim_Wine Outlet_Headshot_Environemental_Portrait_Lake_Oswego_Photographer-1

I photograph a lot of people in their places–people working and living and their environments. These environmental portraits are so much fun to make, but I’ve usually got a limited time to make them–business people can only halt business for so long while I make pictures. That’s why it’s important that I have some systems […]

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Six years ago I started making pictures, and I dove right in planning to make a portrait business. The best thing I did was attend David Ziser‘s workshop where he taught me that shadow and light are the most important technical things to learn in photography. He showed image after image of stunning portraits, and […]

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This week’s podcast interviews two gurus to help you with your photo skills.  First up is photographer and host of This Week in Photo, Frederick Van Johnson.  Then we catch up with Photoshop guru and author Justin Seeley.