This is an excerpt from Nicole’s new eBook, Waterfalls & Waves. CLICK HERE to download a FREE chapter! The most important thing to consider when photographing long exposures is control. You need to have complete, manual control of your camera settings, particularly the shutter speed, and you also need the ability to set your camera to […]

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Today I present you the first image I did with my shiny new camera, a 5D Mark III. I'm a happy camper right now. I have to lear all the new buttons and menus at the moment but it feels totally natural to me.
Last weekend I visited the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein. Since the Vitra Campus, did not have a suitable indoor space for the presentation of the new collection of chairs for home, the company commissioned the Basel-based architects Herzog & de Meuron to design a showroom. like a small town made up of vertical layers, the project with their striking appearance, not only improved the set of existing landmark buildings, but assumes the important role, due to its location, to mark the entrance to the Vitra Campus.
Snow White features

A great way to challenge yourself and enhance your skills is to shoot some personal projects. Here is an opportunity to stretch your imagination. Building sets, buying props, coordinating wardrobe, scouting locations and casting talent are all part of the process of shooting your personal projects. When you apply all these things, your ideas will […]

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Jeremy VanderMeer - Chicago Sunset

Every Sunday night, we take a family adventure.  Most of the photos that you see on my website are from different hikes or walks throughout the state of Utah.  We take a camera, we stay in our Sunday best and go out to document a few moments together.  We look at scenery, take advantage of […]

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Brisbane by Night - Murray Fox
A New Hierarchy, One World Observatory - Michael Muraz