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Not surprisingly, as Lightroom focuses on photography, adding text and graphic based watermarks to your images is a very simple, and customizable process. This video will show you how to add watermarks in Lightroom 5!

Disclaimer: This is just one way to add watermarks

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  1. It’s easy to add a watermark in Lightroom, but what I miss is the possibility to drag and drop it anywhere in the image and also to rotate it at an angle. I think this would be a great addition to watermarking in Lightroom.

  2. I would love to be able to add a fixed frame with the watermark on it within lightroom! I’ve tried a few options to do that but they are not as easy and straightforward as this is!

  3. […] of how to do this, but here’s a couple helpful tutorials: add watermark in Photoshop, add watermark in Lightroom, add metadata information in Photoshop and add metadata information in […]

  4. […] Tutorials: Photofocus has published a few tutorials as well, from a how-to on adding watermarks in Lightroom 5 to a resource on creating signature watermarks in […]

  5. Thanks for the video because of this I am just downloading adobe creative cloud subscription instead of using my old version of Photoshop. Just taken up photography now I am retired and I have learnt so much from the courses I bought from you and picking up more and more from your other free stuff. Once again thanks for your help


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