Shayne from Edmonton, Canada wrote in to ask this question: “How do I get my LR DNG files into A3?
I cannot seem to get my RAW file out of the DNG containers. I do not want to export from LR to jpg to import into A3.”

Shayne we’ve received that question from others and I consulted the white coats at Apple for the answer. Here it is.

If a DNG file has an embedded raw file it can be extracted using the Adobe DNG Converter… if a DNG is ‘linearized’ then it cannot be extracted.

(Extract button at the bottom of the main dialog)

Also note that the adjustments held in a DNG are proprietary to Adobe so do not round-trip back to Aperture.

While I go back and forth on the use of DNG, this is a cutionary tale. DNG is far from a standard at this point. TIF files are safer.

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