I’ve been exploring cinemagraphs for sometime now… the technique of creating living photos with subtle movements. I’ve got my own workflows mastered using Photoshop and After Effects, but I’m always curious when a new tool comes on the market.

At WPPI, I saw a new product called Cinemagraph Pro from Flixel. This makes the process incredibly easy. Essentially you import a video clip (up to 4K in resolution), and then paint to mask out the area where motion occurs.


The product lists for $199… which I think is too high. The company provides a reasonable justification that this is a pro tool aimed at a high-end niche market. With that said, its on sale for $14.99, which is too cheap (but I’m not complaining). This deal is Mac only and expires Thursday, March 13th (from my experience that means 12:01 am Thursday EST)… so if you want it, get it ASAP.

No, I don’t know if it will ever come for Windows. No I don’t know if the price will change or when. I do know the product is easy to use and works 98% the way I want it to out of the box. I also really like that the Flixel player works directly on the Twitter timeline. If you’re intrigued by motion, have $15 and a Mac… pick it up now.