Oftentimes I find myself out in the field looking for the perfect site for a photo of video shoot. During a given day I may drive to 10 locations… and by the end, things can get a little blurry. It’s easy to forget what I’ve seen or even where I’ve been.


Fortunately there’s a great app called Panascout (from Panavision makes of professional cinematography cameras). The app offers some great features for cinematographers and photographers.

You can use it to capture photos (or videos) as you scout locations and store useful info.


  • PANAFRAME (2.40, 1.85, 1.78, 1.33). See your shot masked how it will look for video or film projects.
  • Date/Time. See when exactly the shot was taken with a text overlay.
  • Sunrise/Sunset. Know when you’ll get and lose sunlight.
  • GPS coordinates & Compass direction. Be abel to tell where you stood for the shot and which direction you faced. You can also keep maps of each location
  • Add Voice Notes. Keep your hands free and record information about each shot.
  • Add Captions. Label images to give others important details.
  • Organize into Albums. Keep your project organized and ready to share.

This is an app designed for professionals, so it comes with a slightly more expensive price tag than the typical $1.99 apps. But at less than $10, I find it quite useful for getting information about potential locations and really planning out my shoots.

The app is available for iOS