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Photographer of the Day: Robert Jack Images

Category: Urbex Photographer: Robert Jack Images Photo: “School’s Out Forever” Abandoned schools always get my interest when it comes to urban exploration. This photograph, by Robert Jack, is stunning because of the

Photographer of the Day: Jim Sollows

Category: Urbex Photographer: Jim Sollows Photo: “Abandoned” Old homes like these are a great reminder of the past. This two-story home in Fort Langley, British Columbia, is captured beautifully in black and

Photographer of the Day: Thomas Clark

Category: Urbex Photographer: Thomas Clark Photo: “Untitled” What appears to be an old diner, Thomas’ photograph captures the outside weed growth starting to take over the structure. The structure looks like it

Photographer of the Day: Joe Dzikiewicz

Category: Urbex Photographer: Joe Dzikiewicz Photo: “Abandoned Cell” Closed in 1996, this photograph was taken at the Lorton Workhouse in Lorton, VA. According to the photographer, since its closure as a prison,

A Primer in Urban Exploration

UrbEx and Me Growing up in New York City gave me a very strong appreciation for architecture. After all, I was surrounded by some of the grandest and most densely