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Photographer of the Day: Ken Lee

Category: Astrophotography Photographer: Ken Lee Photo: “Red Menace” Ken captures a one-of-a-kind astrophotography image here, taken from inside an old military vehicle at a decommissioned World War II airfield. Ken’s

Photo of the Day: Risenstock Starshow

Category: Architecture/Landscape Photography by Originally shared on the Photofocus Facebook page. Richard braved freezing cold temperatures to capture the magnificent night-time sky above Uri Switzerland. This shot masterfully combines crystal-clear

Shooting Landscapes? Go the Extra Mile

Landscape photography brings its own rewards. Being in a beautiful place at a tranquil time of day is therapeutic. Add good company, and it doesn’t really matter if you make

Getting Started with Nightscapes

Winter is the perfect time to practice nighttime photography. I took advantage of the long nights during my Christmas holiday to make some photographs with a friend who hadn’t done