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Gorgeous details of a Zen garden in minimalist monochrome
Micro four-thirds the best selling mount in Japan for 2020
Nightcrawling through the neon streets of Japan
Beyond Technique: Building relationships around the world with Matthew Jordan Smith
Tension relief: Pay attention to the edges of your image
The Traveling Photographer: Shooting wildlife in wintry Japan (Part 1: Choosing a trip)
Traveling Photographer in Japan: Eastern Kyoto
Traveling Photographer in Japan: Kyoto and Arashiyama
Japan for the Traveling Photographer: Part 4: Tackling Tokyo
Japan for the Traveling Photographer: Part 2: Getting around the country
Japan for the Traveling Photographer Part 1: Why go?
Stories From The Set: Saving Face Saves The Day

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Shimbashi in Gion in Kyoto, lit at night for cherry blossom season

Traveling Photographer in Japan: Eastern Kyoto

Any single article on Kyoto’s many splendors will necessarily be an overview.  In our last post, I described a potential itinerary to see highlights on the western fringes of Kyoto.  If you missed it, check it out here: Traveling Photographer

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Iconic Kinkakuji, the Golden Pavilion, in Kyoto, one of Japan's most splendid World Heritage sites

Traveling Photographer in Japan: Kyoto and Arashiyama

In our prior posts, I suggested starting points for exploring the sprawling metropolis that is Tokyo, modern Japan’s capital. If you missed those posts, here are links: Tokyo & Tsukiji and Tackling Tokyo Kyoto is another essential element in exploring Japan. 

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Stories From The Set: Saving Face Saves The Day

Shortly after the nuclear disaster in Japan, Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda of the Toyota Motor company came to the United States to raise money for the victims. As it happens, Vanelli was hired to photograph a meeting between Toyoda and a prominent local

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flamingo feathers

Seeing differently at the zoo

Zoos are a great place to practice photographing animals. The thing is, we all have great images of the lions, tigers, and bears (oh my). But what about finding the less popular or, even better, the less seen shots? Capturing

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Help! My Lightroom cloud storage is full

Last year I started using Lightroom on my mobile phone. As a longtime Lightroom Classic enthusiast, I started using Lightroom for the portability: I love being able to edit photos on my phone or tablet, without needing to be at

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The importance of looking up

Being a part of a local photowalk group, I often experiment with different techniques during our outings. One of our group leaders, Dianne Carroll Burdick, has long taught the importance of looking up and taking advantage of different perspectives. Looking

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How to get started with beauty photography

If your goal is to shoot beauty portraits, you must understand that not only does the model want to feel flawless, but the hair and makeup artists want their work to look beautiful in the final image as well. You

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One subject exploration

There is something to be said for taking the time to really explore a subject. Whether it’s a person for a portrait shoot, flowers for macro photography or one of your favorite architectural structures. It could even be something as

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