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Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo 1.9 brings live, maskable liquify and more
Affinity renews 90-day free trials for creatives impacted by Covid-19
How to apply haze removal tool selectively in Affinity Photo
Quick Tip: Boost your creativity with LUTs
Becoming a Better Drone Photographer: Creating an Aerial Panorama using Luminar 2018

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Quick Tip Photography

Quick Tip: Boost your creativity with LUTs

LUTs can give your creativity a boost. Trying different LUTs with your RAW photographs can quickly give you a cool, warm or “other-worldly look,” that you fine tune from there. Not sure where to start? Check out this article here, on the

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white backgrounds

Four ways to photograph white backgrounds

Sometimes the simplest things can produce the most results. Sometimes the least expensive things can open up more doors than you ever thought was possible. Sometimes photography feels like magic. White backgrounds are such things. Below, I will be sharing

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