Previously Photoshop had two strands, Photoshop and Photoshop Extended. The Extended version had added 3D and video capabilities. Photoshop CC however, by default, comes with video editing capabilities and 3D.

As most new DSLRs come with video video capturing more and more photographers are looking to the tools they know to edit their footage, step in Photoshop CC!

The video in this tutorial from Fotolia / Adobe Stock

The Workspace

When you open video in Photoshop a panel called Timeline opens at the bottom of the screen. This is where we can edit out video.


But in my case here I really need to do some color correction and for that I’m going to use Photoshop as i would if it were a still image.

Keep It Non Destructive

I’m conscious that I may not get it right first time, and if I’m working for a client they may have a different idea about how the footage should look, so I’ll make sure i work non destructively. To do this I’ll make the video layer into a Smart Object.

Right click on the group and select Convert to Smart Object;


Run Filters Like Its a Still Image

For this video I’m going into Adobe Camera Raw as a Smart Filter, head to Filters > Camera Raw


ACR opens as normal and here I can correct the White Balance. This looks a little green to me so I’ll add a little magenta, and warm it slightly ;


Exploit ACR as a Smart Filter

But why stop there? From experience with still imaging I’m familiar with the ACR sliders, so I’ll keep editing here rather than head straight back to Photoshop;



Remember, its all non destructive thanks to Smart Objects!