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In this 2 part article, we’re going to explore creating a 3 image HDR in Aurora 2019. I’m using RAW photographs from my Inspire 2 X5S camera shot in DNG RAW shooting AEB (auto exposure bracketing) mode taking 3 photographs. One challenge in shooting multiple exposures with a drone is that there can be a slight change of position between the photographs, even at faster shutter speeds because of GPS drift, wind, and other variables. Because of this, I will use a high ghost removal setting when Aurora HDR 2019 processes and combines the 3 photographs into a single HDR version. Another challenge with the DJI DNG RAW is that it can take a lot more work to create a good looking photograph from it. Let’s see how Aurora HDR 2019 does!

Full disclosure: I received a copy of Aurora HDR 2019 for review purposes. As always, I am giving you my honest evaluation and experience of the software.

Authors note: Please note that there is an error in the video about using de-ghosting to compensate for camera movement. That is incorrect. De-ghosting will only help in removing objects that shift or move between shots. If there are slightly different positions between the images, you will need to use Photoshop or a similar tool to align those images before using Aurora HDR 2019.

You’ll find Aurora HDR 2019 at a special price along with a bundle of training videos, Looks, and LUTs designed for Photofocus readers, here.

Watch the video

Before and after


Summing up

Aurora HDR 2019 did an outstanding job in combining and processing the 3 DJI DNG RAW file. The landscape Looks that I worked with were excellent starting places and of course, you can do it all from scratch if you want to. The control that Aurora gives you is pretty amazing. With this software, you can span the gamut from realistic to fantastical.

As I said in the previous article on Single HDR, explore and play with the filters to see what they do. Tutorials and the manual only take you so far.

What I like:
  • The Looks are great starting places for creating photographs from my DJI Drone
  • It helps me produce beautiful images
  • The software is fast
  • The ability to apply a LUT
  • The new HDR Smart Structure in HDR Enhance with its ability to bring out more detail without additional noise
  • The ability to use HDR Enhance, HDR Microstructure and control the amount of detail that is revealed
  • The software gives me a lot of control over the image with lots of flexible filters
  • The ability to roundtrip with Luminar 2018

What I’d like to see improved:

  • A LUT gallery where I could view a miniature of the photo with the LUTs applied to assist in the faster selection of a LUT
  • More control over how a LUT is applied to the photograph
  • Even Faster processing and updates
  • More Luminar 2018 style filters available right inside Aurora

Again, here’s a link for the special Photofocus readers’ bundle that’s free when you purchase Aurora HDR 2019.